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Rick Cruz’s Custom Jeep

Meet Rick Cruz’s remarkable Jeep, a testament to Extreme Motorsports’ craftsmanship and Rick’s unwavering passion for off-roading. Hailing from Manteca, CA, Rick entrusted us with his second Jeep build, armed with years of experience and a clear vision for his ultimate adventure machine.

Rick’s Jeep is equipped with:

  • Synergy Long Arm kit, meticulously upgraded to deliver unmatched off-road performance.
  • Fox Performance Series 2.0 Remote Reservoir Shocks, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride over the toughest terrain.
  • 37″ Nitto Trail Grappler Tires, providing exceptional traction and durability for off-road adventures.
  • 17″ Spyderlock Beadlock wheels, combining style and functionality for a rugged off-road look.

Since the initial build, Rick has continued to enhance his Jeep with a plethora of performance, reliability, and protection upgrades, reflecting his commitment to pushing the boundaries of off-road exploration.

We are grateful for Rick’s continued support and wish him countless unforgettable adventures on the Rubicon and beyond. Join us in applauding Rick and his Jeep as they embark on their next thrilling journey into the great outdoors.