2008 Eliminator 27′ Daytona twin 300XS Opti’s, 100+mph

Mercury Racing 300XS Optimax motors

Monster Livorsi Gauges – Silver Carbon Fiber

Upraded interior

Upgraded gel coat

Custom cover

Custom Bimini

Custom painted engine cowls

Nice stereo system

Custom lightweight Braille battery installation

Mercury Bravo 1 vented 32P props

Depth finder

Extreme trailer dual axle with ladder and upgrades

Foot shower on front sponson for re-boarding at the Beach

Swim step with drop down ladder

LED Interior lights

LED Cabin lights

Navigation lights

I will include all the new black bumpers, soft bumper covers, black dock lines, box anchor, fire extinguisher, oar, flare kit, first aid kit, etc… so you’re Coast Guard approved. But, I gotta keep my vests.


This boat is in amazing condition. Everywhere we go, people think its brand new. We bought it in May of this year(2014). It had 230 hours on the hour meter and 216 hours on motors. We have put 50 fun and amazing hours on it. We got a printout of the hours, and 140 of the 216, were at idle rpm’s(see printout in pics below). most of its life seemed to be idling around Havasu.

I can’t even begin to explain how beautiful the colors are on this boat. Even I had no idea, as I bought it sight unseen. When it showed up, we were blown away. The white, is an off white with a beautiful pearl metallic. It really shows when in the sun and of course on the water. At the risk of sounding cliche, the pictures truly do not do this boat justice. Especially if parked next to another white boat, you can really see the difference. All of the blues have fades that transition from the lighter blue to the darker blues. Even other Daytona owners make comments about the amazing gel coat on this boat. Top that off with the upgraded interior and we get compliment after compliment at the dock and on the beach. It’s almost exhausting, well almost 🙂


5/19/14 230 hours. Before we used the boat, we:

Installed new impellers.

Changed the gear case lube.

Replaced the fuel lines with Mercury Ethanol Safe lines.

Replaced a leaky hydraulic trim stainless hose.

Re-wired the hatch to open with Perko’s in off position.

Installed new fuel filters


5/28/14 237 hours. Changed gear case lube. After a few hours I realized the shifter knobs, while in drive(forward position) slightly rubbed the vinyl on the interior. At times it would cause the gear case to pop in to neutral, which didn’t help the already inherent nature of the beast. Having experience with outboards I knew this was common and decided to fix it. I had a custom base plate built to move the shifter controls back 1.25″ and up 1/2″. While we were in there, we installed eye bolts and a bungee(see pics below). Now, you simply pull the bungee over the controls and rock on. All stainless hardware was used.

Around this same time, I realized I couldn’t see very well over the bow while at cruise speeds. I’m only 5’7″. So we had installed some 3″ tall spacers in the bottom of the seats. These spacers are in 1/2″ increments and can be custom tailored to the next owner. These are all through-bolted using stainless hardware and its fairly easy to make adjustments or return to stock.

6/25/14 247 hours. Changed gear case lube. Removed all the insulation from the roof of the cowls, as per the recommendation of everyone in the industry. I have pictures of the ring it made a mark on the insulation from the intake port. Never had issues, just trying to eliminate future issues.

I noticed some play in the clevis’ of the Hydraulic steering rams. Removed the rams, sent back to Imco, had it all rebuilt and installed new clevis and hardware. Steering is all new. $$$

7/08/14 255 hours. Changed gear case lube.

8/20/14 268 hours. Changed gear case lube. Decided to remove the four huge and heavy Interstate batteries and install two lightweight Braille batteries$$$. While we were at it, we had the perko switches relocated. The original position made it so you almost had to stand on your head to reach them. We moved them within reach, which meant all new wires, stainless tie downs and labor $$$. We also installed a 3lb Battery Tender(charger) with a microprocessor to keep the batteries at full charge, as Braille recommends(see pics). Simply plug in an extension cord.

8/28/14 I kept noticing that I had a hard time reaching the steering wheel. Even tall guys felt it was too far away. So, we had installed 4″ Billet steering wheel adapter(see pics).

I have a file of records from the previous owner. One receipt I felt most relevant was the replacement of the spark plugs at 210 hours. As per Mercury’s recommendations, all of the service on these engines is up to date.

Every full tank it gets a bottle of Quick Clean to help eliminate carbon build up.

Sept. 2014. The boat is beyond dialed! IMO. It runs excellent. It plains off fast and has a great cruising set up. There is NO porpoise or hop, at any speed, period. The previous owner and Rick Hidalgo, both state the best top speed ever was 108mph. When I got it, the recall said 104mph. But there was debate as to which props it ran best with etc.. The previous owner had some cleavers, but I didn’t get them in the purchase. I’m not a top speed or ego guy, I enjoy a nice respectable cruise at a fuel efficient rpm. I swear I seem to use HALF the fuel as my buddy does with his Pro Max’s.

This is my first performance boat with canopies. It’s night and day as far as the wind is concerned. We can cruise 70-80 mph, wear a hat, have a conversation(without shouting) and just sip fuel! Did I mention this boat does NOT porpoise!! 🙂

This boat has always been stored indoors. The interior is gorgeous. The cover was used for the first time ever, this year, and only used indoors(one day outside). It’s in perfect shape. We had the cover modified to fit around the hoses and cables at the transom. The cover seemed to be from Eliminator but originally designed for the inboard. So now it fits perfect.

No issues. Everything works!

Arizona title, clean and clear in hand.

Turn key ready, we use it every weekend, and will gladly take serious capable cash buyers for a ride.



This is a private sale.