Elevate Your 2016 Toyota Tundra

Transform your truck into the ultimate off-road machine with our comprehensive customization package. Our expertly curated selection of upgrades and enhancements is designed to take your 2016 Toyota Tundra to new heights of performance and style.

Key Features

At the heart of this package is the 7.5″ BDS Lift Kit, featuring Fox coil-over shocks. This lift kit not only gives your Tundra an aggressive stance but also significantly improves its off-road capabilities. With increased ground clearance and improved suspension articulation, your Tundra will conquer even the toughest terrain with ease.

Complementing the lift kit are the 37″ Toyo Open Country MT tires. These tires are engineered to provide exceptional traction and durability, ensuring that your Tundra can tackle any obstacle in its path. Whether you’re navigating rocky trails or cruising through mud pits, these tires will keep you moving forward with confidence.

To complete the look, we’ve added 20″ Fuel Maverick wheels. These wheels not only add a touch of style to your Tundra but also provide a solid foundation for your off-road adventures. With their rugged construction and aggressive design, these wheels are the perfect complement to your lifted Tundra.

But the upgrades don’t stop there. We’ve also included Amp steps, which provide easy access to your lifted truck. These durable steps retract when not in use, maintaining the sleek look of your Tundra while ensuring that getting in and out is a breeze.

The T-Rex Lighted LED Grill is another standout feature of this package. This grill not only adds a bold and aggressive look to your Tundra but also improves visibility with its integrated LED lights. Whether you’re driving through the night or making a statement during the day, this grill will turn heads wherever you go.

Finally, we’ve included Bushwacker flares to protect your truck and enhance its rugged appearance. These flares not only add a visual flair to your Tundra but also provide added protection against debris and obstacles encountered off-road.

Overall, our customization package for the 2016 Toyota Tundra is designed to take your truck to the next level. With a focus on performance, style, and functionality, this package will transform your Tundra into the ultimate off-road machine.

  • 2016 Toyota Tundra

  • 7.5″ BDS Lift kit, with Fox coil over shocks

  • 37″ Toyo Open Country MT tires

  • 20″ Fuel Maverick wheels

  • Amp steps

  • T-Rex lighted LED grill

  • Bushwacker flares

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